AMEREX offers a full line of standard stainless steel structural shapes.

Designers prefer the extruded structural shape over its rolled counterpart for several reasons:
Faster Delivery -
the nature of the extrusion process makes small runs economically feasible and short lead time possible.
Leg Uniformity -
leg lengths are generally more uniform in the extruded product.
Superior Straightness -
since all extrusions are stretch-straightened, they are usually straighter than the rolled product.
Tighter Tolerances -
closer dimensional accuracy, particularly on leg lengths, provide better fit-ups.

The following specifications can be applied to structural products:
ASTM A276 ASTM A479 ASME SA479 QQS-763
AISC tolerances apply to structurals 3" and over.
All items shall be furnished in the as extruded, annealed and pickled and cold stretch straightened condition with a 250 RMS or better finish.

10,000# and over
+/- 5%
9,999# - 5,000#
+/- 10%
4,999# - 2,000#
+/- 20%

304 304L 316 316L
Other grades/specifications available upon request.
Dimensions and minimum weight/foot may change. Please inquire mill for specifics.

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