AMEREX offers a wide variety of extruded steel shapes and sizes. Extruded steel shapes reduce your machining, finishing and scrap. In an effort to provide you with the most cost efficient extruded steel shapes, AMEREX has compiled certain recommendations in order to achieve the most economical design. When you are designing your extruded shape, keep the following fundamental design criteria in mind:

  1. To facilitate the steel flow through the extruded shape die, avoid sharp edges.
  2. To achieve accurate section reproduction, specify rounded corners and fillets.
  3. To design a groove, key the ratio of depth to width as low as possible, trying to maintain a one-to-one ratio.
  4. To achieve a desired non-symmetrical shape, eliminate any and all hole requirements.


AMEREX Steel Extrusion Inquiry

Fax: (724) 847-7127

IMPORTANT: Please circle the critical dimensions.   MAXIMUM SIZE = must fit into a 13" circle. Normal length Hot-Finished = 28 ft.  Longer on an exception basis. Maximum bar weight Hot-Finished = 2112 lb.
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