Amerex's Extrusion Capabilities

  • The shape should fit into a 6.500" circle. Certain exceptions up to 7.500" are possible. The shape should be at least 1/2 square inch in area. Maximum weight of any one finished piece is 375 lb. with a normal length of 28 feet. Extrusion tolerances must be taken into account. Radii and fillets are greater than cold drawn material. Depending on grade, nominal corner radii of .060" to .090" and fillets of .188 to .313" min. Minimum thickness of any section is .188". One time engineering and tooling cost are much lower than those for rolling mills, and the cost will vary, depending upon order quantity and complexity. Minimum order is 2000 lb, however, circumstances may permit deviation. If structurals are your interest, Amerex produces a line of I beams, channels, angles, and T's as standard items with no tooling charge and short lead time.
    Amerex is constantly expanding products and production capabilities.
    Pipe sizes from 2" schedule 40 to 5".
    Mechanical tubing (including hollow bar and redraw hollows) in OD sizes from 2" to 6" and walls up to 1" (a slightly broader range maybe available based on special circumstances).