Extrusions can be used to your advantage especially if any of the following conditions exist:
  • If a desired section configuration, either for structural or aesthetic reasons, is difficult or impossible to produce by other methods
  • If two or more adjacent sections of an integral complex shape often must be produced by welding or other mechanical fastening methods;
  • If short run projects do not justify the cost or quantities associated with rolling mill set ups;
  • If short lead times are critical. (Extrusions can usually be produced and shipped within 4 to 6 weeks after order entry. Rolling mill set ups are usually spaced months apart because of the high quantities of particular commodity items.);
  • If the product is extruded it may be used "as is" with no machining or intermediate fabrication required;
  • If your prototype part is still in the engineering stage, and may require design changes. (Since extrusions lend themselves to small quantity production, and tooling costs are lower than other manufacturing methods of shaped steels, engineering changes are much less costly.);
  • If using steel grades which are difficult or impossible to fabricate by other methods;
  • If the required steel grades are not readily available in the sizes which the customer requires